Esteban Lisa: Playing with Lines and Colors

February 25 – May 27, 2012

Curated by Barbara Bloemink and Jorge Virgili
• Members Opening: February 24

This retrospective exhibition of Argentinian/Spanish artist Esteban Lisa marks the first time his abstract works have been shown in a museum in the United States. It is rare to "rediscover" an important modernist artist, particularly one whose work is as fully realized through five decades of painting. Although small, his works are subtly beautiful, from the restrained gradations of abstract form and color of the 1930s paintings, to the surprisingly vivid explosions of color marks across the pages from the 1950s to 1970s. Little is known about the artist's life or development as Lisa largely matured in isolation. He never exhibited his work during his lifetime since he was surrounded by Argentinian artists and collectors with a preference for figurative work. Instead, through extensive reading and studing, Lisa explored the ideas and theories of abstraction, mysticism and cosmology that were being investigated by contemporary European artists. It is clear from his work, his teachings and his writing, that Lisa was among the avant-garde modernist artists who saw abstraction as a sign of impending global change. This exhibition is organized by the Museum of Latin American Art in association with the Fundación Esteban Lisa in Buenos Aires and is curated by Barbara Bloemink and Jorge Virgili.

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