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THE COLLABORATIVE: Distant Parallels

April 26 – August 4, 2014

Edward Hayes Jr., Assistant Curator

Adriana Baltazar
Ramiro Gomez Jr.
Miguel Ángel Mejía
Gala Porras-Kim
Luis Ernesto Zavala

Distant Parallels reflects upon the Latin American diaspora through family-based investigation and broader cultural research. This exhibition explores topics of home, homeland, anonymity and representation in bold new work by five emerging Los Angeles-based artists.

Adriana Baltazar presents a recorded online search of objects, remedies and myths as her grandmother describes them on a long-distance call from Michoacán, Mexico. Baltazar’s search leads to contemporary images connecting Michoacán’s longstanding indigenous culture with today’s organic food and health trends. Personal history also informs the installation and selection of magazine page paintings by Ramiro Gomez Jr. Using his own work experience in the service industry as reference, Gomez paints faceless maids, caretakers, and gardeners directly over photographs of the pristine homes and spaces they maintain. Miguel Ángel Mejía draws parallels between life on both sides of the Mexico/U.S. border in his documentation of child labor in urban areas. In the larger photographs, Mejía captures the desolate landscape of wastelands in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora and Riverside, California—images that, without a label, cannot be identified as existing in one country or another.

Exploring language, semantics, and the desire to project meaning onto un-deciphered glyphs, Gala Porras-Kim recreates an Olmec stone known as the Mojarra Stela. In the exhibition, visitors are invited to create a crayon rubbing directly over the stone and take away an impression of the stela’s surface. Similarly, Luis Ernesto Zavala extracts pages and images from comic books, Mexican household products and neighborhood signage in order to fill them with new meanings. Subjects in his paintings are coded with brands and objects harvested from interchangeable experiences of his childhood in Mexico and his life in Los Angeles. Porras-Kim and Zavala explore new voids
created by cultural diaspora—the ongoing movement of art and ideas across geopolitical boundaries.

Saturday, April 26, 2014 | 7:00 – 9:00pm
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Image credit: Untitled (detail), Miguel Angel Mejía, 2013. Solvent print on canvas, 74 1/4 x 114 1/2 in