MOLAA on the Move Bus Program

In early 2012, in response to California’s ongoing budget cuts to arts education in public schools, we launched a grassroots fundraising effort, MOLAA on the MOVE, to purchase a bus. With a ground swell of support, we were able to raise $24,000 through this online effort by the end of 2012! Hyundai Motor America, impressed with the success of our grassroots campaign, announced a $25,000 donation in January 2013 to MOLAA on the Move providing us with the balance needed to purchase the bus. This support will enable MOLAA to provide gallery tours and art workshops to a projected 5,000 additional students.

Now that we have the bus, we are excited about entering the next phase of program development – design of the bus wrap, outreach to local schools, infrastructure preparations to schedule field trips and procuring funds for the ongoing operational costs of the bus which include insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc.

A gift at any level will go a long way to ensuring the success of this program. To contribute to this fund please visit:

Thank you to the following MOLAA on the Move supporters:

Hyundai Motor America
Proyecto Esperanza
Michael L. Weber and Frances Spivy-Weber
Marx Foundation
MOLAA Docent Guild
Sayago & Pardon, Inc.
Pediatric Dental Specialists
Mesa Environmental Services, Inc.
Otis and Linda Heald
Steve Luckman
Simmons L. Park
Peters Family Art Foundation
James Henderson
Tina Vince
Jorge Virgili
Barbara Windom
Gina Adams
Stuart A. Ashman
Gail Bernstein
Begonya De Salvo
Erasmo Jacinto
Jerome Loeb
Jeanine Pardon
Julie Payne
Gabriela Martinez
Irma Arvizu
William Berman
Allen Blevins
Nancy LaZar
Nancy Lutz
Mirella Romero
Vincent A. Shepherd
Laura A. Siqueiros
Charles Slater
Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy
Claudia Kreis
Donna Jean McHenry
Margarita Velasquez
Heather Green
Edward Escarsega
Kazuo Escarsega
Manuel Pena
Sylvia Blush
Friederike Kaufel
Claudia Ojeda