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De generación a generación:
A subconscious lineage

ON VIEW: Sept. 25 – nov. 10, 2019

Day of the Dead Annual Art Exhibition and Altar Display

MOLAA’s Día de los Muertos Exhibition is a juried display of art and altars open to artists residing in Southern California. The art and altars will be on the display to the public in MOLAA’s Education Gallery and are featured as a part of MOLAA’s Día de los Muertos curriculum.

This year’s Día de los muertos theme addresses our lineages and how we have been consciously and unconsciously shaped by them. It will highlight the way in which previous generations: familial, cultural, and community-oriented, shape our beliefs, habits, and customs. De generación a generación invites artists and audiences to connect with parts of themselves they did not know much about, creating a link between the past and the present. 

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Credits & Sponsors

MOLAA is generously supported, in part, by the Robert Gumbiner Foundation and by a grant from the Arts Council for Long Beach and the City of Long Beach.