JUL. 17 – SEPT. 18, 2016

ARTISTS ASSEMBLE! Empowerment and Inspiration in Contemporary Comics

The Port to Learning Gallery at the Museum of Latin American Art presents Artists Assemble! Empowerment and Inspiration in Contemporary Comics, an exhibition that features artists who highlight characters, events, and stories traditionally excluded from mainstream comic book art and culture.

The narrative format and fantastical nature of comics provides readers the opportunity to explore new and imagined worlds enriched by both historically based and invented mythologies. While classic American comics generally focused on white male superheroes whose mission was to protect and defend the status quo, some publications in both the US and Latin America tackled controversial socio-political issues, marginalized groups, and current events.  

Artists Assemble! includes individual sketches, hand drawn panels, minicomics, comic books and digital images, as well as illustrations, paintings, photographs, sculptures and video art inspired by the comic book genre and its aesthetics.

Artists Assemble! Empowerment and Inspiration in Contemporary Comics is curated by Esperanza Sánchez and Naiela Santana with Gabriela Martínez and Nalini Elias. Exhibition support is provided by the Port of Long Beach.


The Port to Learning is a new gallery space committed to expanding visitors’ understanding of topics central to MOLAA’s mission through interactive gallery components and related educational programming. Coordinated by the MOLAA Education Department, this space presents a series of exhibitions and events, organized with the help of community members, that provide local artists and emerging curators—of all ages—a place for practice and inspiration, as well as the opportunity to explore museum careers through hands-on experiences.

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