JUN. 11 – SEP. 3, 2017

En Visión: Picturing the Self

En Visión: Picturing the Self is a collaborative exhibition between MOLAA and Las Fotos Project, a community-based mentorship program that educates and inspires teenage girls through photography. The exhibition highlights the work of women who use the dynamic medium of photography to share and document their realities, engage in cultural commentary and express their evolving identities. Curated by Nalini Elias, En Visión: Picturing the Self is an interactive exhibition featuring selected works from MOLAA’s Permanent Collection in dialogue with photographs by students of Las Fotos Project. It invites the viewer to question the difference between being subjects and observers, and to reflect upon their own choices of self-expression.



Amalia Caputo

Arianna Romero

Ashley Monreal

Brenda María del Rosario Obregón Velázquez

Carolina Vicente

Celeste Umaña

Daniela Edburg

Elysse Caballero

Fabiola López

Guadalupe Félix

Jerusalem Meza

Jessye Bautista

Katelee Cervantes

Kimberly Aldana

Liliana Porter

Liye Rivera-Melo

Mary Reyes

Marylin Téllez

Melissa Barales-López

Melissa Zamudio

Metztli García

Mónica Herrera

Nimsy Rivas

Odalis Zamora

Priscilla Monge

Regina Zamarripa

Romina Orazi

Textli Gallegos

Vanessa Clavel

Verónica Riedel




Las Fotos Project, a community-based nonprofit organization that inspires teenage girls through photography, mentorship and self-expression. Las Fotos Project provides girls with access to professional cameras, quality instruction and workshops that encourage them to explore their identity, learn about new cultures, build leadership and advocacy skills, and strengthen their social and emotional well-being. 

Las Fotos Project students are teenage girls between the ages of 11-18, from low to middle-income households living in communities of color, who do not have access to photography equipment or art-based programs. Students are referred to Las Fotos Project by their partners and are identified by having an interest in photography or likely benefiting from their programs.

To learn more about Las Fotos Project please visit www.lasfotosproject.org.
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