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Mar. 3 — Sept. 1, 2019

Reboprints,  Austin, Texas  American Ghostwriters , 2019, Serigraph, 30 x 22 inches, Courtesy of the artist

Reboprints, Austin, Texas
American Ghostwriters, 2019, Serigraph, 30 x 22 inches, Courtesy of the artist


(Mexico/United States)

Jonathan Rebolloso is founder of Rebolloso Print Studio and Master Printer at Barrio Dudes, an artist-run workshop in San Antonio, Texas. His work utilizes popular symbols and slogans that reference Mexican and Chicanx rites of passage to proclaim pride in his cultural identity. This serigraph titled Ghost Writers challenges the notion that migrants merely absorb resources by asserting the fact that undocumented workers contribute to the economic and cultural wealth of the United States. Active within the festival circuit, Rebolloso has also developed a series of t-shirts, tote bags and posters that address important issues within the current political climate, including the proposed border wall and the status of dreamers. Prior to his work at Barrio Dudes, Rebolloso was Master Printer at Coronado Print Studio and Serie Project in Austin, Texas.

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