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Mar. 3 — Sept. 1, 2019

Taller de Gráfica La Huella ,  Piedecuesta, Colombia  State Secrets , 2019, Serigraph, , 30 x 22 inches, Courtesy of the artist

Taller de Gráfica La Huella, Piedecuesta, Colombia
State Secrets, 2019, Serigraph, , 30 x 22 inches, Courtesy of the artist


(Colombia, b. 1971)

Julio César Rodríguez Jaimes is an artist, professor and Master Printer at Taller de Gráfica La Huella (Est. 2012) in Piedecuesta, Colombia. State Secrets is from the series War to the War which explores power dynamics and social control through the ongoing Colombian civil war. Through this series, Rodríguez Jaimes questions the motives and efficacy of the Colombian peace process and pays homage to his sister, Ángela María Rodríguez Jaimes, a professor murdered by the National Liberation Army in 2002. His work has been exhibited throughout Latin America, Europe, and the United States as well as in Thailand, Russia, and China.

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