NOV. 13, 2016 – JAN. 1, 2017

Lucky You!

The Port to Learning Gallery at the Museum of Latin American Art presents Lucky You!, an exhibition that explores the concept of luck and the various ways it is acknowledged, understood, and expressed. What is luck and what does it mean? How is luck manifested in our lives? Is luck bestowed upon us or do we create it? Lucky You! will feature works by local artists as well as pieces from MOLAA’s Permanent Collection. 


Adolfo Nigro

Alejandro Colunga

Angela Willcocks

Aydinaneth Ortiz

Cassandra Rowden

Cory Bilicko

Cristy C. Road

David Hennage

Elarf José López Salas

Ingrid Hernández

Jaime Ávila Ferrer

Jason Triefenbach

Jeremy Jones


José Mijares

Jose Vargas

Juan Alcázar

Lara Lee Meintjes

Lisa DeSmidt

Luis Roldán

Miyo Stevens

Paulina Lily LaBare

Ofelia Rodríguez

Phaedra Dahl

Raúl Cordero

Rocío Jesús Rendón Castañeda

Sergio Piña

Som Vilaysack


The Port to Learning is a new gallery space committed to expanding visitors’ understanding of topics central to MOLAA’s mission through interactive gallery components and related educational programming. Coordinated by the MOLAA Education Department, this space presents a series of exhibitions and events, organized with the help of community members, that provide local artists and emerging curators—of all ages—a place for practice and inspiration, as well as the opportunity to explore museum careers through hands-on experiences.

Exhibition support provided by: