Marcela Armas (Mexico, b. 1976)  Vórtice/Vortex , 2013. Image courtesy of the artist

Marcela Armas (Mexico, b. 1976) Vórtice/Vortex, 2013. Image courtesy of the artist


JUL. 26, 2014 – JAN. 4, 2015

Marcela Armas: Resistance and Vortex

Resistance and Vortex / Resistencia y Vórtice showcases the work of Marcela Armas, an artist who has made significant contributions to the development of contemporary art and new media from Mexico. For the second Project Room exhibition of the year, Armas presents the light installation Resistance and a body of work (artifacts, documentary video, and sculpture) made in support of her sculpture, Vortex. 

Resistance visually outlines the Mexico/U.S. border with incandescent metal filament held together by steel cables. The lines that emanate from points along the border represent the guarded and embattled economic lifelines shared by neighbors in both countries. Resistance invites a discussion of the economic and political crisis of modern day Mexico while representing the frontier as a dangerous boundary.

In her investigative and sculptural project titled Vortex, Armas uncovers the industrial production of state textbooks and the controversial politics embedded in its creation. Vortex identifies the convergence of knowledge and power, and points to the politically charged context of the Mexican education industry.