JAn. 17 – MAR. 13, 2016



Image Credit: Ja’Rie Gray (US, b. 1982) A Conversation with the Three of Me, 2015. Oil on canvas, 48”x48”. Courtesy of the Artist

My name is Ja’Rie Gray, and I am an artist. My work specializes in social and cultural issues dealing with people of color. My series, My Complexion, is a story about my insecurities with my own skin color, and how society’s vile ideology of dark skin affects the way I see myself as beautiful.

What is an “identity”, and what advice can you give someone who is discovering their identity?

Identity is who you are as a person, and the only way to discover your identity is to stay true to yourself.

When has your identity been compromised, and what advice can you give someone whose identity is being challenged?

My identity has been compromised multiple times. When I’m around certain groups in society, I am constantly changing my dialect, behavior, and the way I present myself to certain people. My advice to someone whose identity is being challenged: do your best to stay true to yourself in whatever circumstance that comes your way.

What actions and/or tools do you use to remind yourself about the value of your unique identity? How can someone be proud of who they are?

The action I use to remind myself about the value of my unique identity is telling myself I’m valuable every day. You have to be proud of yourself before anyone can be proud of you.

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