JAn. 17 – MAR. 13, 2016



The Port to Learning’s inaugural exhibition, Who Are You?, presents works by fourteen local artists in dialogue with pieces from MOLAA’s Permanent Collection. Curated by Gabriela Martínez with Nalini Elias, Who Are You? explores the way that we choose to express aspects of our identities through language, clothing, traditions, our diet and our own bodies. With over 30 paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures, this exhibition focuses on how artists play with, manipulate and struggle with the various categories that make up our identities while creating a rich visual environment where visitors can reflect on how they transmit or conceal who they are.



Benvenuto Chavajay

Gazelle Samizay

Nahum Zenil

Carlos Garaicoa

Ja’Rie Gray

Norax Ayala

Cintia Alejandra Segovia

Kimberly Morris

Sergio Paniagua

Craig Cree Stone

María Galaviz Arroyo

Sheila Garrett Rodríguez

Cynthia Herrera

María Guadalupe

Shuai Fu

Diane Linquata

Miguel Alvear

Sir Oliver Kirsch

Doris Salcedo

Myriam Gurba

Verónica Riedel


The Artists participating in Who Are You? answered the following prompts to share more about their identities and artistic processes.

  1. What is an “identity”, and what advice can you give someone who is discovering their identity? 
  2. When has your identity been compromised, and what advice can you give someone whose identity is being challenged?
  3. What actions and/or tools do you use to remind yourself about the value of your unique identity? 
  4. How can someone be proud of who they are?


The Port to Learning is a new gallery space committed to expanding visitors’ understanding of topics central to MOLAA’s mission through interactive gallery components and related educational programming. Coordinated by the MOLAA Education Department, this space presents a series of exhibitions and events, organized with the help of community members, that provide local artists and emerging curators—of all ages—a place for practice and inspiration, as well as the opportunity to explore museum careers through hands-on experiences.

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